Offering my words up as I pour them out through the form of my stories and poetry. Some are safe...all our delightfully hedonic.



Only time will tell

9:00 pm
I turn my head to the left and see the time on my cell phone
I close my eyes again and stretch my limbs.

9:01 pm
In the darkness I can feel a hand that is most definitely not my own
It lightly teases my thigh and it brings a quiet smile to my face.

9:03 pm
This mystery hand slowly starts to massage my breast through my night shirt.
I try to stifle a moan but of course I fail.

9:05 pm
I can feel you slowly come over me and draw my shirt down below my generous bosom
Wet lick 1, Wet lick 2, how many licks does it take to get to my center, ohhhh you know....

9:15 pm
I'm slowly starting coming to a boil and you haven't even turned my bunsen on high yet..
I spread my legs because I know how you enjoy testing the water before taking a dip.

9:45 pm
You slide in and have both my legs off to the left. Hitting it out of the park like Pujols. I hold onto the headboard for support and I'm moaning your name.

My right leg goes straight up on your shoulder, left leg is a lil bit higher, oh you hitting that spot. My eyes are rollin in the back of my head. I tell you, you need to hit it just lil bit harder.

Now you shift my left leg slightly to your shoulder and right leg is down. You grab my right breast and start to massage and pull on the nipple. Our sweat is mingling and I grab for your chest.

10:30 pm
You pull my legs underneath my knees and come over me and pound into my like a jackhammer. I scream ya name and then you release inside me. I trace your earlobe with my tongue.

10:35 pm
zzzzzzz (until the next episode)

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