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It's about time...

It's about time that I let you know, that I've had enough and it's time to let you go..
I've been waiting on the sidelines for seems like eternity
for you to call that blitz play that finally lets me make that touchdown with your heart.
I finally realized I'm only going be what they call a "bench warmer".
I'm just here to fill up extra space until you need me.
I'm never going to be the star receiver to your all-American quarterback

I'm tired....I'm tired of feeling neglected.
Not hearing from you at times from weeks on end.
Hell when I do contact you via text message after lengths of no communication
it's like trying to pull water from a cactus.
Hell as I write this, Sade is singing "No Ordinary Love" on my computer..
This isn't an ordinary love, maybe because I'm seeing honestly for the first time,
love was only a one way street in this so called relationship, I was giving and you took.

You even called my work phone apparently by accident today.
Had to be an accident, you didn't call back.
I'm tired & I'm fed up.
I'm not gonna be the Katherine Hepburn to your Spencer Tracy...
It's about time for a change....

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