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Frustrations part 1 & 2

Frustration pt. 1

My thoughts are constantly running a 4 x 400 on the track that is my mind. I wonder why do I feel that I have yet to move emotionally even though in 15 years, I have gone on physically and somewhat mentally. I feel that what I want most is dangled in my face like a piece of candy that I want but feel deep down inside that I won’t ever have. I have walked away numerous times but you seem to be able to bring me back with your strawberry chocolate covered words that say, “I miss you, I need you, I want you in my life” Yet I stay confused in exactly what role you want me to play in this venture of yours.

Frustation pt. 2

When I’m not in your life and you come back around, you give me the attention of hummingbird to a flower. Always close by and paying special attention. Yet then eventually you fade to black and I’m left in the dark wondering what is going on. I try to reach out to you but to no avail. My sixth sense is just hitting me in the back of my head yet I try to quiet it down, telling myself, “this is just temporary” But eventually one has to realize that it can’t be temporary for over 15 years. I’ve been through Karen, Ebony, Kayla, Lauren,  the Wesley Snipes chick u dealin with now and god knows how many other countless dwarves that might be hiding under your Snow White skirt. I wonder why am I no longer good enough to be “The One” instead I feel like I’ve been reassigned to “The Go in Between”.


john said...

If it just a poem or a poem I feel your pain and if not you're a very talented poet. Thanq for sharing I know you don't know me but this is nice.

Jasmine W. said...

Thank you very much:)

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