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Creation (1996)

Written in  high school 




Jasmine W.




Have you ever noticed the pale blue moon?

The birth of the new rising sun?

Have you ever felt the heat of its rays beckoning you to come?

To come and see it bring happiness over our mother, the blue Earth?

To witness once again the strange and beautiful birth?


The birth of what you say what am I talking about?

Look around, open your eyes, and see why I shout!

I praise creation from dusk until dawn.

I wait in the darkness for a new day to come.


I do not hate my darken brother yet I feel pity for him.

For the golden rays of my sister frighten him.

He does not know the beauty of the world beneath his wings.

He has no eyes to look upon such enchanting things.


When his time to reign the Earth begins,

That is when evil from the shadows creep in.

The protection of the rays have fallen into a trance too deep.

It has gone form our reach to lay down on the clouds to welcome a heavenly sleep.


But my brother the moon has his beauty too.

The nigh he offers to those who are through.

Through with their day of honorable work.

From the executive in the office to the homeless man digging through the dirt.


His darkness is a cloak like a blanket to a child.

He shields them from all that is mysterious and wild.

The stars, his children of the cold, calm nights.

They are special to him for they shine very bright.


They are his sight and his silver, twinkling eyes.

They love their father and protect him for the danger in the dark skies.

It is nearly dawn and time for the dark prince to take his rest.

For his sister, the princess of light shall do her best.


Her best in waking the people of our Mother Earth to a new day.

To let them thank the setting moon and the new rising sun to getting them on their way.

 Note: I wrote this at home, sitting on my steps while the sun was setting and the moon was coming thru the clouds to take over on its shift. For me sometimes the most relaxing and peaceful way to unwind after a long day is just to sit outside look up at the clouds and just "unlock" your mind. Let all the emotions and thoughts that have been running inside you just flood out. I'll sit on my front steps and just stare at the sky wondering if anyone else I know is watching the sun and moon. If so, what else are they doing?

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