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Chapter 24

Chapter 24

As I stand against the wall, my mystery man puts his hands on my skin. Grasping me at the hips he slowly turns me around. I am now facing the wall, with my arms steadying me against the surface; my nipples lightly graze across the surfacing. I am so aroused at this point; I can feel the blood rushing to my areolas. He brings his hands up to my breast and rolls my nipples between his fingers. As he pulls on them, I can feel him pushing his groin against my curved backside. I lean my head forward on my arms, the sensations he is producing and I am feeling, are starting to make me just a tad bit dizzy. He then traces his fingers down my back to my behind. I then feel his tongue tracing the outline of my spine, kissing down along the path. The moisture he leaves behind on his trail down south is warm and fuzzy…

Then I feel his breath on my behind. He kisses each half moon as the ministrations with his hands continue between my legs. At his command, I spread my thighs. I feel his hands roam the inside of my legs. I feel his fingers gliding across my clit, doing figure 8 patterns across my flesh. I beat the wall with my hand groaning my frustrations at being aroused so intensely. Then it happens….I feel his long middle finger slowly enter me. As I contract around him, he notices that I am a tad bit tight. He makes sure that I am comfortable and I assure him that all is as it should be.

As he moves inward I can feel my muscles around him as he gently touches the walls of my inner temple. The flames that had burned out have been rekindled. The cobwebs of past discretions, insecurities, and deceitfulness have been swept away. I feel him going further into my main hall, coming to pay his respects. It has been a long time since someone has been there to worship and praise…

I feel him stand up from his kneeling position, with his fingers from his right hand still engaged in their foreplay. He wraps himself around me and I moan his name out loud. He increases his strokes, curling his finger inside of me as he enters and exits. My breathing is becoming more rapid and whispers into my ear, “Come for me”. I shake my head, “no” Trying to hold myself off, yet he beats me there pulls his finger from inside me from behind and teases my clit from the front. I’m grinding myself against him and he uses more pressure and then slips his middle finger back inside of me. “Oh God”, I moan out loud. He licks the outer rim of my ear and whispers, “You WILL come on my hand”.

Then it happens, I feel the light tremors starting to erupt inside of me. My legs start to shake and I can’t control it. I feel like I’ve lost control of my body and I want to be flipped inside out. His hand steady picks up more speed and vigorous action and I try to slow it down by clamping my thighs shut. He chuckles in my ear and then he leaves a trail of kisses down my neck. He fondles one of my breasts and teases the nipple as his other hand continues to milk the living sense out of me.

My eyes have since then rolled into the back of my head. With his hand steady plowing inside of me and his mouth firmly clamped over one of my nipples, I can do nothing but grasp his head to me and massage his scalp. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”, is the only logical response to a climax that I have been waiting on for all these years. I feel him withdraw his hand from inside me and he brings it to my line of vision. It glistens like liquid silk as he sifts it on his fingers. He looks at me and says, “I feel honored that you would share yourself with me and I will not have you regretting anything.” I look at him and smile and then take some of my essence from his fingers. I anoint his chin, chest, and groin. He looks at me with those questioning eyes. So I answer, “I have given you permission to please me, for you have not taken anything that I have not already freely given to you.”

I rise on my toes and lick his chin. “mmmm, I taste like strawberries”. I walk towards the pillows that he had arranged on the floor. I sit down on top of the pillows and lean back. I see him still standing where I left him. He slowly brings his hands to his jogging pants and takes them off. I finally see what I’ve been fantasying about for all these years and I must say it was definitely worth the wait.

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