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Chapter 23 2way fantazzy

Chapter 23

As we clothes-burn against the wall, I inch his shirt up and above his chest. His arms rise to help ease his beata up and off his body. My hands rub up and down his back encircling his power and embracing his aura. My fingers knead the muscle they find as they make a pattern towards his chest. I massage his nipples with the pads of my thumbs, stroking them in a circler fashion. His breathing is starting to accelerate; I can tell he likes my actions and cannot wait for my intentions.

I lean my head back to accept his mouth on mine. As one of his hands fondle one of my breasts, he snakes his other hand into my hair and massages my scalp, tightening ever so lightly his grip so he may steal more of the breath that lingers between us. I nip his lower lip and move my hands lower to his jogging pants. I cup his behind from beneath and am pleased to find that he is not wearing any barriers that may hamper my goal. Finally giving into the temptation that I’ve wanted to do all this evening, I give his backside a lil squeeze and am pleased to find him firm.

He chuckles at the side of my mouth and asks, “Aggressive lil wench aren’t you?” I answer his question by bring my hands to the front of his pants. The heat from his groin warms my hands as I enfold him in my grasp. I take my left hand and stroke him from base to tip, as I do this, I take my right hand and massage his scrotum. His breathing turns heavy and he leans his body into mine. I ask him if he wishes for me to stop, his only reply is a grunt, “uh-uh”. So I continue with my playful torture for a few more minutes and then decide to change the pace.

I slowly slide down his body, until I am eye-level with his groin. Since he has a hard on that could chip a diamond, his jogging pants are “pitching a tent” at the front. I decide I wanted a “pre-taste”. So I stick my tongue out and flicker it around the head. I then moisten my mouth and proceed to take in the head of his arousal thru his cotton pants. I can hear his breathing hitch for a second and then I can feel him trying to push more into my mouth. I knead his behind thru is pants as he slowly pistons his hips in…out…in…out……..out of my mouth. I look up at him while I perform “jogging pant style fellatio” upon him. I pull him free from the vortex of my mouth and stand up again trapped between his body and the wall. Feeling him rub his erection against me, I can’t help but think about how the ole saying “Stuck between a rock and a hard place” has taken on a whole new meaning.

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