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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

As I continue to focus on the twinkling shadows above my head, I feel him nuzzle the inside of the thigh that is draped over his shoulder. He places passion marks from the area above my knee to the area right before my groin. My breathing has increased to an upbeat tempo, yet my eyes glaze over as he continues his sensual assault. He marks me with his breath as he blows slowly and directly over my clit in which seems like forever. My breath catches in my throat and I fight to maintain my balance with the wall as my guide.

He looks up from his kneeling position and asks, “I wonder what treasures I will find?” Then I feel his fingers, they part my labia like a silk curtain. I can feel his thumbs rubbing and massaging. The fire stoked there earlier now has become a blaze. Then I feel it. This warm, soft, wet tongue as it glides in slowly and out. Teasing me not only with his strokes but the way his tongue curls along the outer rim of my pussy. I can feel his breathing becoming more intense. I grab the sides of his head and massage his scalp. I can do nothing but moan my pleasure which appears to be catalyst for him.

He becomes more aggressive, focusing more on my clit; the vibrations from his tongue along with the ministrations from his hands almost send me overboard. When I look down upon him I can’t help but smother a smile. He really gives the meaning NOSEDIVE a whole new definition. As if sensing my gaze, he looks up at me, with his mouth still all up in my business. He nibbles lightly on my flesh and I can’t help but quickly inhale to the delightful sensation. He then does the funniest thing I could ever imagine. He muffles out, “what are you looking at?” I laugh out loud and reply, “You”.

He gives my clit one more swipe before standing up and pinning me against the wall. He grinds himself against me and I can feel below his waist that he has something in store for me. Now my only concern is damn, will I be able to handle it?

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