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Chapt 21

Chapt. 21

As we continue to sway in beat to Roberta's Flack's hypnotic voice. I feel myself floating. Not physically but mentally. My mind is open and I sense my floodgates have opened full force after having been shut so tightly closed for such a long time. It seems as though I am aware of my surroundings for the very first time. I reach up behind my lover's head and pull his face towards mine. He kisses my forehead, my cheek, and then the outer rim of my mouth. He coaxes my lips open with his tongue and I greet him with mine. We duel in this fashion for what seems like forever.

He pulls me tight to him in a strong embrace. Fully wrapped in his cocoon of warmth I no longer feel like a gray caterpillar that has been in hibernation, for far too long. Finally I am transformed into a sensual butterfly. My wings are multi-dimensional, their length ever reaching; they are a reflection of my soul and spirit. I no longer see life in hues of black, white and gray. Everything hit's me now in a spectrum of light with its never-ending colors.

I see REALLY for the first time that the person that is holding me is not just a black man. His complexion is more of a Hershey Chocolate, not smooth like the original candy bar, but more with the Almonds. He has gone thru life with his fair share of struggles yet he still seems to keep it all in stride regardless of all the “bumps”. Plus I enjoy my chocolate with nuts anyway………..
“Roberta Flack has left the building folks, now introducing with a warm welcome, Matt Bachrach with his album “Water’s Edge”.

As we continue to kiss I sense his arms slowly relax around me and his hands going toward the junction of my thighs. He massages me thru my nightgown and I can feel myself becoming warm and moist. He then slowly pushes off the rest of my nightgown so it drifts slowly to the ground and I stand as naked as the day I was born. He comes around and stands before me singeing from head to toe with his gaze. He then begins to walk me backwards towards a near wall.

As the warm curves of my posterior meet the cooling surface of the wall behind me, my Hershey man kneels before me. He kisses my mons lightly before gently moving my left leg to rest over his right shoulder. He looks up at me with a devilish gleam in his eyes. I lean my head back and look at the makeshift stars on my ceiling wondering to myself, does heaven feeling ANYTHING like this?

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