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[Review] Menage (Black Lace Series)

[Review] Menage (Black Lace Series)
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Menage (Black Lace Series)Emma Holly
09 January, 2001 — $7.19 — Book
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This author is another great find she does books not only for the Black Lace Series but also for another publisher called CHEEK. This book in particular has to do with 2 guys and a girl. Live in a flat together and the wierdest kind of fucking triangle can definitely come to light. Other books by this author: In the Flesh (Cheek), Cooking Up a Storm, Personal Assets, The Top of Her Game

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Found said...

You know just a couple of weeks ago my wife and I saw a movie (actually a docu-movie) called, 'Three of Hearts' and it sounds like its plot is real close to this one. It was about two men and a woman. The woman married one of the guys, then they later all had a commitment ceramony(sp) to each other. It was actually very well done. If I can find the bio info that we were given that nite, then I'll try and forward it to you. It was apart of the Saint Louis Film Festival at Webster U.

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