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[Review] The Empress' New Clothes (Trade Paperback Erotic Romance)

[Review] The Empress' New Clothes (Trade Paperback Erotic Romance)
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The Empress' New Clothes (Trade Paperback Erotic Romance)Jaid Black
17 November, 2002 — $14.99 — Book
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There is so much I want say about this author so I'm just gonna make it short. If you like Erotica with NO BOUNDRIES and I really mean that, then you need to not only read THIS book, not only read the REST of books in this series, but read the rest of the books by this publisher!!! WWW.ELLORASCAVE.COM This site is absolutely amazing. Majority of their books are in electronic format but there are some books in paperback. I'll put to u like this, I own 15 paperbacks and about 6 electronic books and I'm still hunting for more!!! They are now being sold at your local WALDENBOOK store, so if you need to get your hand on one to read get there before the store closes, trust me I've heard even the men like to read these as well.;)

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