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2way fantazzy Chapter 20

What do you think I did? I kept my muthf*ckin hands glued to that couch. Damit if I didn't keep them there as long as my willpower would allow me. With the promise of being brought to Kingdom Come dancing over and over in my head, I didn't even notice the soft entrance of Robert Flack's "Must be you". I look at my surroundings trying to burn a permonent image of this night into my head. Because even though I might not be promised anymore than the time we have together, at least the memories will be mine.

As i watch him in front me, I am simply mesmorized. Watching his tongue snake out and flicker over my right nipple. My breath slowly hisses out and I arch my back, he uses his hands to massage my 40L breasts (and yes they do come in that size). His big hands grab from both sides and push them together. After smothering himself between them for a couple of more minutes, he relases them. HIs hands now rest on my legs, still encased in their thigh-hi stockings and high heels. He traces his fingertips slowly down both my thighs, slightly tickling me in the process. He likes the way they feel across his hands and glides over them again slowly warming my thighs, I feel myself becoming more moist between the apex of my thighs and I tremble slowly.He leans back and admires the dark stain across my chest.

Hearing Roberta's voice like a siren's call, he slowly gets to his feet puts his hand out and says "Let's dance" I look at him thinking, Is this a trick? he told me to keep my hands on the couch. he's look at me and laughs. " It's okay I won't penalize you this time. Anyway I not asking you, I'm telling you. I want you now, to dance with me." I intentionally still sit on the couch. Just to unsettle him for a little bit more.

After a couple seconds go by I FINALLY raise my hand so he can grasp my fingers and pulls me up gently. We go to the area in my living room that is free of pillows and candles and engage in a tug-of-hips, if you will. He brings me close into the line of his body and caresses my dierre. I in turn embrace him around his neck bringing our chests in direct contact without any space between. We dance like this which seems like for ages, yet its only midway thru the song. (note - if anyone has heard this song then you KNOW how long it is, its around 8 to 10 minutes long, last time I checked.) He slowly brings his hands up my hips, past my waist and pinches my hard nipples. I'm breathing just a tad bit heavier into the curve of his neck and moan lightly. Taking that as encouragment, he turns me around pulls me back against him. My hips are swaying provactively into his groan which feels hard enough to cut steel. He hands are holding onto my hips as we dance. yet they skim my belly on their way up. He pulls the straps on my gown down past my breasts, pulling the top down to drape at my waist. He starts to lick around the side of my right ear. His hands start to worship and knead my breasts. I lean my head back on shoulder looking up at the twinkling ceiling. Thinking to myself, never knew their could be nights like this. If this is fourplay, I'm in big trouble.....and I'm gonna like it.

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