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2way fantazzy chapter 19

From the corner of my right eye, I catch a faint glimpse of a shadow moving. I slowly turn in that direction and see my elusive guest finally after reading his letter. He is looking very comfortable, judging by his attire. Wearing some loose grey designer jogging pants and matching color sleeveless shirt aka “wife beata”. The way he moved so “freely” in his jogging pants one could only wonder what was behind, “door #1”.

He prowls slowly towards me as the flickering of the candle’s flames reflect off of his coco/grey canvas like one of the star constellations that have come to life. He stops and goes on one knee before me. His eyes convey some of his emotions before he begins to speak. He feathers his fingers across my cheeks, caressing one side and then the other, slowing the flow of my tears.

“So”, he asks, “what do you think?” I can only look at him because my brain has yet to flash any neuron to move my mouth. Remembering that I am still holding the letter, I place it beside me on the couch. I reach for him and kiss his…..cheeks …..His chin…His temples….His forehead….then his closed eyelids. I pull back to look upon him. He slowly opens his eyes and asks why I stopped. “Because I wanted you to know that I appreciate you and your words. That I think you are also very unique and special. Plus I love that there are no grammatical errors.”

He chuckles gently near my face, and I can feel his warm breath dancing on the tip of my nose. He then kisses me slowly…ever so slowly. Coaxing my tongue from its hiding place, I kiss him back and pull him closer towards me; he lifts the hem of my nightgown to my thighs, situating himself between. His hands are stroking and massaging my thighs the same way he is doing my tongue. He then pushes me back slowly into the couch and pushes the hem of my nightgown to my waist. His hands wonder to my breasts and tease my nipples through the soft fabric. I try to grab hold of him again, but he takes hold of my hands. “Keep them on the couch”. He commands. “If you have to grab something, grab the couch, if you grab me….I’ll stop.” What is a girl who hasn't had sex or any fourplay what-so-eva in close to 4 years suppose to do?


Anonymous said...

wow, this is making me go back and read all previous them how an Aquarius does it!

Jasmine W. said...

thank you;) I'm trying to get ideas for chapter 20 right now.

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