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my 2way fantazzy chapter 1

This is the story that I'm still continuing.....I originally posted this up on a 2way message board CRN FAM that I'm apart of in their forum titled "Durty Fantasies! Dont B Shy Now! Omg!" I got so many responses on this it was just going crazy bannanas. So I thought I would put the story over here for others to take a look-see and enjoy.

Chapter 1
My fantasy is gonna be a tad bit different because it WILL have DETAIL…. I’ve had this personal fantasy of mine for some time especially when I think of a certain 2way friend of mine. So if you are a bit under the weather, or not sitting down, do so or skip the post. hahahaha

FLIGHT 917 HAS LANDED PLEASE STANDBY, PLANE WILL BE DOCKING SHORTLY!!!” Leaning against a pole, my head snaps up inside the Lambert Airport terminal. I finally hear the announcement over the PA that I’ve been waiting for over an hour. I look at the ARRIVING FLIGHTS monitor and see Flight 917 blink at the top of the screen. I follow the line across to see which gate will be unloading the passengers… GATE 27.

I slowly make my way down the terminal glancing at the GATE numbers on the side of me as I realize I’m getting closer to my destination. I stop to pause and calm my nerves. I can feel some moisture on my palms and wipe them on my pants before proceeding again to GATE 27. As I finally make it to the waiting area, one of the employee’s unlocks the door and is waiting to greet people with the “smile, welcome, and thank you” one liner.

I stay back behind a pillar just wondering if I can point him out as he comes thru the door. If I can’t recognize him he at least can def. Recognize me. Dressed in some CK blue jeans, a Learner’s purple low-neck long sleeve top, and DIBA red boots. My hair is loose around my shoulders and I have on LUCKY YOU perfume. My jewelry, which is Amethyst stones, matches my top and my makeup is also done with purple tones. I’m holding a black rose in my hand (yes there are actually black roses but they are EXPENSIVE as HELL). This is his signal to know its me who is waiting on be continued.........

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