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2way Fantazzy pt. 18

Chapter 18

I walk to my door and open it to the hallway. I go to the guest bedroom door and knock, yet I do not receive a response. I knock again wondering if my guest has heard me. I hear a faint melody coming from the first floor. R. Kelly’s Chocolate Factory has just started to warm up, but I’m already hot enough to bake. I proceed down stairs to the first floor. The lights have been dimmed down to almost nothing, yet a flicker of light catches my peripheral vision. My eyes are drawn toward the small flame and lead me to the living room.

The sound of R.Kelly’s voice beckons me closer as I see a dozen or more candles situated around the living room like a miniature constellation. My large floor pillows are arranged in front of the T.V. With red rose petals sprinkled around them as though the pillows were a secret haven. On the table, a small serving platter with a bowl of strawberries & 2 purple flutes filled half way with a sparkling substance. In between the flutes, a rose with a letter. I look around the room for a sign of my elusive guest, yet can not find him. I wonder if he is merged with the shadows watching me now….

So I sit on my couch, taking a sip of the sweet wine to calm my nerves. I also reach for a fat strawberry, I bite a half off yet some of the juices flows down my chin. I catch it before it goes further with my index finger and lick the juice from it. As I take another sip of wine I contemplate the note still on the platter. Licking my lips in anticipation, I put my wine glass down and pick up the letter.

In the background…the music changes to Michael Jackson’s “Lady In My Life”

As I write this note on the plane, my palms are a bit damp and it’s a bitch holding this pencil. I wonder about you, will your eyes still hold that same mischievous gleam that I see from your pictures? Are your lips that juicy and plump like a perfect peach? Is that really your hair or an extension? Lol had to throw some humor in there. How would you feel if I gave you a hug? All these questions and plenty more are going thru my mind right now like a merry go round.

I must say you are an enigma. I’ve never met a woman like you before. How is it that a woman of your intellect, class, and sensuality not be taken? I won’t lie; I kept thinking every now and then maybe she’s crazy. Oh lord, I’m catching feelings for a schizophrenic. Lol. Perhaps she just hasn’t met the right person who is her equal and refuses to settle for less than perfect. Is she prissy or laidback? You couldn’t imagine what I’m thinking.

(The next part is more recent)

Now that we are back at your home taking some time to wind down from our evening I felt the need to write about our time together and let you know how much I enjoyed your company. Dinner definitely left me impatient for dessert. You have a genuine aura about you. I’ve learned a lot about you in such a short amount of time, yet I know I haven’t begun to crack the surface when it comes to the full package. That’s okay, I enjoy taking my time when it comes to something or someone I think is worth exploring. You are one of those people.

If I could meet your ex, there is one thing I would want to say to him. Thank you. I know you are reading this thinking WHY? I’ll tell you. I’m not saying thank you for hurting you and making you distrust the opposite sex. I’m saying thank you because I know he will never have another chance with you. You see Jasmine; a MAN learns from other’s mistakes, a BOY learns from his own. Yet I don’t even think he can even be called a boy because he turned tail and left. He should’ve apologized and explained his actions. I mean hell, He couldn't even tell you what he honestly thought of you face-to-face, but on some website like a punk-ass. What kind of person would hurt not only one person, but 4, in all it probably was even more than that coming from a brutha’s perspective. You just happen to have proof of 3 of the women. If anything you are the lucky one, what would’ve happened if you had gotten caught up with him and had a kid? You have no ties to this coward what-so-ever. You are free. You are not obligated to him or vice versa.

You told me yourself, if there was one lesson that you learned it was that “Some people aren’t worth caring or fighting for, especially if they don’t want to be cared or fought for by you.” Your friends & family warned you, but in the end you had to be the one to completely severe ties. It made you a stronger person and changed you in ways, some good….others not so good. Yet just remember whomever you end of up with, make sure they realize what a special person they have in their life and not to take you for granted. Sorry if I’m sounding like a psychiatrist. I wanted you to know how I felt. I know you probably still relaxing in that big ass Jacuzzi of yours.

As I lay on my bed, I wonder what your signature scent is. What kind of oils, lotions, & body washes do you anoint on your body? Wishing I was the towel you use for your face, on your breasts, between your thighs, caressing your behind, all the way to your feet. I want to also be your drying towel, making sure I don't miss a spot, so you can sit on me while you pamper yourself. You intrigue and move me. I want to do something that will be a first for you. I want to please you, don’t worry about pleasing me. I will allow you to do that in time. (Yes I said ALLOW lol) Your presence is pleasing enough I look forward to being with you this evening and hope you will enjoy my presence as well.



I glance up from the letter and look around the room. My eyes finally overflow with tears that I had been keeping at bay since midway thru the letter. I’m looking at my living room and see how beautiful it has been transformed. It was done because someone cared about me enough to see me pleased and happy. In my past relationships I’ve been used to being the servant………….now it’s my turn to be served.


Anonymous said...

Goodevening i cannot believe what i just read, its like reading a letter that was partly written to me. Four months ago someone that was so special to me just ended our relationship in one day after meeting a woman, military and with money, and threw all our dreams out of the window.. this is someone that i used to love and cherish, drop him every morning at 6 am to his job, bringing lunch at his workplace, loving and caring him.. but i was sooo blind he is a conartist and i found out so much that i feel soo terrible about this whole experience. I knew him for nearly 10 months and every one warned me but again i was blinded.. i am soo hurt and i am soo scared of being with someone else.. why is it when you are honest, no other guys on the side only this one man.. i ask God to strenghten me and to give me wisdom and he will deal with my ex in his own time.. my ex is in the usa right now conning someone else for money, greencard, you name it..
thanks for your notes..

Jasmine W. said...

I plan to write some more to this story very soon.

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