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2way FANTAZZY pt. 17

As we make our way to the front door, I'm careful not to fall in my heels and my date is careful not to fall into me.....;) Finally I'm able to open the door so we can dry off (and not just from the rain) and relax. We look at each other and take in our own appearances. Realizing we needed a breather, we go to our respective rooms and change into dry clothes and agree to meet in the living room. I close my door and lean on it, closing my eyes I take in all the events of the day.

I take off my shoes and make my way to my bathroom. As the door slowly dissolves, I undo the hook and zipper on the back of my skirt and let it drop to the ground. I stand in front of my mirror looking at myself, my hair is a little frizy and still wet from the onslaught of rain still beating unmercifully outside. My mascara has run just a tad, my top is clinging to me like a second skin, and my nipples are still erect. I look down and remember my panties are now in ownership of my guest.

I laugh to myself, shaking my head from side to side, rubbing the back of my neck, I question myself..... When was the last time a man has made me feel like this before? Standing there for what it seems like forever, I realize, never. I was always used to giving while the opposite party was always taking. Of all my past relationships, especially the last one, he loved what I did and could do for him, he never really loved me. Here in my home less than 50 feet away from me was a man who took pleasure by giving pleasure. It pleased me but dumbfounded me none the less.

Making my way to the shower, I remove the last of my clothing and turn on the water. After adjusting it to a pleasant tempeture, I walk in and put my back to the spray. The warm water feels so good especially after fighting with the storm outside. I spread my hands out on the tile and lean into the wall, with my head down. I close my eyes and enjoy the rush of the water as it pinpoints my back and slowly massages me and relieves me of my stress. Turning around I face the showerhead and walk closer to it letting the water hit my face as well as the front of my body. I raise my hands over my body and stretch my back. I watch as the water slices down my body, flowing over my breasts, down my stomach, between my thighs and down to the drain.

Taking my MOONLIGHT PATH Shower gel, I spread some onto my loufah, lather it up and spread it across my body. Rubbing it all over, I enjoy the light rough feeling of the material as it wakes up my skin and leaves a light perfumed scent of lavender. Enjoying this for a couple more minutes, I rinse off and towel myself dry. Sitting on a stool I then apply the same fragrance in lotion and body spritz. Then I finish my pampering with a body shimmering powder. Leaving my skin to feel soft and smooth, like a piece of velvet that you brush with your fingertips or across your cheek. Walking back into my master bedroom I approach my dresser and pull out a plum nightgown which has thigh-hi slits on both sides, the back crisscosses with spagetti straps and sits low on my backside, and the front top which is made out of lace cups supports my breasts, giving them a lift, that will surely catch his eye. The outfit came with matching g-string, thigh-hi stockings and velvet handcuffs......

I lay the handcuffs and thigh-hi's across my dresser, caressing them with my hands. I styled my hair into a low ponytail. Finished my look with mascera, a hint of blush, and sexy hue of plum for my lips in gloss. Taking the thigh-hi's, I stretch one leg at a time and slowly pull it over my calf and inching up higher and higher over each thigh. I take some satin 3 inch mule shoes out of a box and slide them on. Completing my look of a siren. Safe to look at from a distance, hypnotising to hear, and dangerous to the touch. I give myself a final look over. I look in to the mirror and say........ït's show time.......

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