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2way FANTAZZY-pt. 16

The rain beats on my front car window as we sail down the highway. Toward our next destination...mi casa. He gets back to my place, surprisingly with little help in directions. He gets out of the drive's seat and comes around to my side. He helps me out and closes the door. I start to walk towards my front door when he gently pushes me backwards against the passenger door. Mind you now, the rain that had begun earlier in the evening has now turned into a downpour.

By now my hair is drenched wet framing my face, my lips are parted yet shivering, and my clothes have now become a second skin as they cling to me for dear life. I look up into my date's eyes and he looks at me with such yearning and wanting it scares me a little. He rubs my forearms and shoulders and looks down at my chest where my nipples are so hard they could cut stone. He gently palms them and massages them. I lean my head back as he nuzzles my neck. His right hand goes underneath my shirt to tease my breasts some more while his left hand cups the back of my head and kisses me into a daze. My arms embrace him as I deepen the kiss. I gently touch his cheek with one hand, while my other hand follows his spine downward.towards his behind. I palm his ass to see what he's workin with....the brutha has def. been puttin in overtime..... He is firm that I can def. tell thru his pants and I can't wait to see what he looks like without them.

He then takes me by surpise when he lifts me up off the ground and my legs go around his waist. He grinds me against the car and my mind turns into mush. Going from being gentle to aggrestive in the most primal sense. He slowly rips my halter top midway from the neck to my breasts.taking one into his mouth and sucking it without mercy. Then he proceeds to palm my ass which already was without panties eversince our trip to Red Lobsters.

We are in this position which seems like forever. I can't believe his is not cold from the rain, whereas my warmth comes from him. All of a sudden I can feel his cock rubbing against my slit. When and how in the hell did he have time to undo his pants? I quickly come back to my senses and undo my legs and bring them back to the ground. He looks at me like I'm crazy and I let him know that I refuse to be a quickie to him. I'll be damn if you gonna put me in the same category as the hussies you might have done in the past "wam, bam, thank you mam"

He apologizes for his behavior and gets his clothes back together. He then looks at my halter top and even becomes more distraught. I let him know it's no big deal, it's just a top. He insists on buying me a new one and I continualy tell him that there is no harm done. In fact I probably will just give it to him as a souviner to go along with my panties he already has in his back pocket......

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