Offering my words up as I pour them out through the form of my stories and poetry. Some are safe...all our delightfully hedonic.



2way Fantazzy- intermission


I don’t know what to say… I can’t THINK of anything to say, I can’t even look him in the eyes. I start to blush and can’t stop. He takes my hand again and rubs it gently to reassure me that everything will be okay. I look at him and trace my fingers above his brow, down his cheek, and around his lips…he opens his mouth and takes my middle finger in his mouth. He starts to suck on it gently pulling it in and out…in an out…in and out…in and out. My breathing becomes quicker and I close my eyes. He palms my face and brings me closer to him releasing his hold on my finger…

He darts is tongue around the outside of rim of my lips. He whispers that he's wanted to do that to me since he stepped off the plane and saw me. I try to kiss him back but he won't let least not just yet. He tells me he wants to tease me a lil. I understand and relax. he trace his index finger around my lips till he ends up at the middle part of my top lip. He hovers there for a minute saying he loves the lil dip right there. He says it gives my mouth a "heart" shape look that gets him very aroused.

By this time all brain function pretty much has ceased.... CODE BLUE...CODE BLUE...I start to gently massage his left thigh. He starts to moan in my ear as I move my hand in a circular motion. He looks me at again before finally kissing me on the lips. He then take his tongue and darts it in and out of my mouth. I try to keep up but then stop when I realize he is toying with me. Just trying to get me work up. So I stop playing the game he’s had his fun…’s my turn, there is a game I want to play and I’ll make the rules…..

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