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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 9

pt. 9

With one hand on his crotch, I take my other arm and wrap it around his neck. While one of his arms wrapped around my waist, he uses his other hand to gently caress the arm that is placed on his crotch. I checkout our surroundings and make sure the crowd is preoccupied with other actions. I slowly cross my legs to hide my secret intentions. I look at him with heated eyes and ask him, “How bad DO you want me?” He looks me dead in my gaze and challenges me with his answer, “Why don’t U find out?” He takes my hand away from his crotch and puts it to his face. I gently caress the side while surveying the crowd another time. He then takes my hand and brings it lower to something warm…yet strong. Like iron encased in velvet.

I take him in my hand and massage his length. Since it is dark there is no point in looking down since we are draped in darkness within the corner we are stationed. I run the back of my hand against him, trying to memorize every inch and crevice. I run the tip of my index finger from the base to the tip, following the main throbbing vein that protrudes from the side. He moans softly in my neck and flicks his tongue in a circle over and over again in the same spot. My breathing begins to speed up as well as the motions of my hand. I encircle him within my warm grasp and begin to use my hand as a piston alternating between soft and hard pumps. I also change up the pace with some circle twists. I then tell him to put his middle finger inside my mouth. I decide to add a little bit more to this torture. As I slowly take his finger inside of my mouth, I envelope it with a certain heat that he can immediately register. As I suck his finger, I alternate my hand in the same motion with a hard pump and when I release his finger for a moment I make it coincide with a small pump.

His face has dropped to the crook in my neck, for he can no longer keep looking at me with such exquisite torture going on and not being able to make a sound. I can feel and hear his heavy breathing. His other hand has tightened against my waste and while his other hand is steady massaging my breast. He squeezes me and alternates by pinching my nipple. Whenever he does this I tightened my grip on his finger at the same time. He wants to put his hand underneath my halter-top, I tell him NO, not time for that yet. He gives me a look that MUST mean I’m joking. He’ll know when I’m joking with him…this AINT one of those times. We continue in this fashion for a good 15 min. He tells me that I’m treating him Heavenly…and doesn’t want me to stop. So I slowly smile to myself……….and stop all of a sudden. I remove my hand from his length after giving it a quick massage and drop his finger from my mouth. I stand up out of his lap, making sure to shield him from prying eyes. He looks at me and wonders why I stopped….I shrug my shoulders and said, for some reason I’m in the mood for Crab Legs, lets go to Red Lobster……..LOLOL.

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