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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 8

pt. 8

As the slow sensual song fades away into the speakers, I look into my guest’s eyes trying to figure out what is going on thru his mind. Before I can begin to analyze, another song begins to play. Yet this song is different from the last, it’s faster with a wild beat (Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy). I slowly back away from my guest moving my hips in a Shakira style. As he tries to come closer I playful stay out of his grasp. He eyes me up and down keeping focus on my gyrating hips. I raise my arms gracefully over my head crossing them and turn a slow circle always keeping eye contact with my guest. He seems a bit agitated that he can’t come close to me…good. I want to keep him in heat for as long as possible;)

I finally dance slowly up to him yet he makes no move to touch me. I wonder if my teasing has gone too far and turn to walk away. He grabs my arm and PULLS me toward his body. I am pulled backwards against him. He lays his hands on my hips and starts to lead our bodies in a very sexual and provocative dance. I put one of my hands behind his head as he nuzzles my neck. Placing light kisses up and down my neck and shoulder. His hands alternate from my hips to my belly. He lightly trails his fingertips across sending little shocks that burn and freeze at the same time.

He then whips me around and we are as one. There is no air between us, except at the mouth, nose, and eyes. I put my arms around him alternating between his neck and arms. He pulls me close grinding into my hips. His hands are slowing caressing my back, hips, and then my ass. He squeezes my ass very softly and massages my cheeks. He dips me backwards and slowly runs kisses from my neck, down between my breasts, back up to my neck, and then to my lips. When we meet at the lips, he pinches my ass, as I open my mouth to squeal, dips his tongue in for a taste.

As the song ends, we are FINALLY aware of the crowd that has formed around us, I blush intensely under the neon lights and disco ball. We receive a thunderous applause, and out of the crowd we hear the DJ say “Now THAT’S how you dance to a song”. Everyone else joined in with laughter. He leads me off the floor back to our table. I sit on his lap, he takes my hand and puts it on his crotch, he looks into my eyes and says, ”Do you know how bad I want you?”.

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