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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 7

Pt. 7

We arrive at our destination, Club Viva. After valet parking, we go downstairs to enter the club. Alive with techno beats mixed with Latin rhythms, colorful lights swinging from the ceiling, the bar overflowing with all kinds of liquor, and the dance floor in a frenzy with gyrating bodies all over…. We go thru the crowd…. destination… to get liquored up. We give the bartender our drink requests and then make our way to a small table w/ chairs in a cove in the corner, providing us with an intimate setting in the hustle and bustle crowd. He seats me first then himself. Scanning the crowd, checking out the scene, I give my guest some side glances to see if he is enjoying himself. He’s relaxed and seems pleased with the scene and atmosphere. I ask him about his drink and he winks my way. So far so good thinking to myself.

The DJ changes pace and he goes into a slow song. Some couples stay on the dance floor but others go to open tables or hit up the bar. He asks if I would like to dance, and I tell him “Si”. He asks me what other Spanish words I know, I tell him La hamburguesa con queso aka Cheeseburger and El Pollo frito aka Fried Chicken. So if I get stranded in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic or any other Spanish speaking country and I won’t starve;) Quiero comer la Hamburguesa con queso y Pollo Frito. He laughs and leads me to the dance floor. We work our way to the middle and he glances down and realizes there are lights shining thru. He looks at me and I tell him I don’t care as long as there aren’t MIRRORS. He grins and raises his eyebrows saying, you never know. I tell him I know or my ass wouldn’t be on this dance floor. Lolol

He pulls me close and I wrap my arms around his neck. Settling his hands on my hips I let him lead. I look around surveying the crowd before I bring my gaze to my guest’s face. He’s looking at me with such intense penetration that I become a lil bit uncomfortable. He softens his gaze and smiles at me, bringing me into closer contact with his body. Our hips sway along with the beat and I close my eyes savoring the sounds of the French horn coming from the song around us. I feel a flicker of moisture upon my ear. It’s his tongue teasing the outer rim of my ear. I moan softly and bring his head closer to me. He obliges me by repeating the action over…..over….over….over….and over again. He stops after a lil while and pulls back.

Something warm has begun inside of me and I don’t think I want the feeling to go away. I want more……

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