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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 6

Pt. 6

He gets up from the couch and walks over to the main window. The rain outside starts to intensify and begins to dance in patterns. As he turns around to face me, a thundering noise from outside signals the events yet to come. He slowly walks back to me, for the first time I notice how graceful and sleek he is, DAMN the brotha can WALK. I also see the interesting Tattoos that grace his strong arms. I inquire about them and he tells me. He also promises to tell me about the other Tattoos I have yet to see…but that will be saved for a more promising time.

He holds his hand out to me….and take it I do;) He holds me close and whispers in my ear…what am I in the mood for now? I look into his eyes, grab a fistful of his Sean John shirt and bring him closer to me….I whisper within an inch of his mouth…I want to go dancing;) He pulls back at looks at me and makes sure he heard me right. He says, dancing? I said yes, you DO know how to Salsa right? He begins to smile and nod his head. We both part ways and go to our RESPECTFUL bedrooms and change into clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

In my room I contemplate what I should wear. I know I want to turn heads, but what kind of effect do I want to go for? Do I want to go classy & elegant or hot & spicy? I decided upon a mixture of the two. As I come out of my room, so does my guest. He does a double take on my appearance, and gives me a whistle of his approval. I’m glad he likes….its not everyday I go out in a red halter top, black mid calf skirt W/ a slit on the front right leg and strappy black leather sandals with 2 ½ inch heels. My hair is down in lush curls, and my makeup is done in burgundy/red tones. With full attention brought to my lips. Something about my lips that just drive men crazy , you know? I have a reputation to maintain;) lolol

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