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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 5

pt. 5

It slowly dissolves as though it knows someone is coming. He seems to be in shock but recovers quite quickly. He SLOWLY walks thru to other side. He looks around as though he wonders if he’ s dreaming. I walk into the Main bathroom and watch him closely under hooded eyes. He can’t seem to take his eyes off of the red marble sunken tub, if that’s what you want to call it;) It’s more of a Jacuzzi that can fit around 4 people inside. Off to the side is a small corridor that leads behind it with a see thru glass so you can see the person behind you taking a shower, very erotic. The room is done in black/red motif. With a Chinese dressing screen in the corner for the MODEST human being (gotta be prepared for anything these days. lolol) The rest of the bathroom is of little consequence, I have the basic toilet that flushes as well as wall to wall sink area for 2 people and still have extra room.

I walk out of the bathroom and go to the kitchen. I put some drinks together and go to the living room and put the tray on the coffee table. He meets me back in the living room and we are both sitting on the couch as I click on the TV. As I surf shows we settle on MTV’s Real World. We laugh as the characters of the show, yell, cry, and laugh at each other. While other’s, are trying to make booty call connections. Lolol We also reminisces about the past Real World Seasons and what our favorite scenes were. He starts to ask me when did I first realize that I was a gadget head. I told him it goes back to Preschool and it’s been an obsession to me ever since. I flip the script and ask him the same question. He says for a while but not THAT long.

Lololol He takes the remote control from the coffee table and turns it to the CARTOON NETWORK. We then discuss our favorite cartoons, battling over what was the best PERIOD. My vote was Voltron his is NOT THAT IMPORTANT BECUZ IT”S WRONG!!J A storm starts to brew outside and I start to smile. He wants to know what I’m thinking about. I casually tell him that I love the rain and thunder on cool nights like this one…

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