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2way fantazzy chapter 4

pt. 4

He stops kissing and looks at me. He’s worried that he’s offended me in someway. I don’t do anything but stare at him. I tell him we will continue this game once we are back at my place. He nods his head in agreement and proceeds to relax. I try my best to keep a straight face; I want him on edge not anticipating my next move. I put the car in reverse and make my way to the nearest EXIT sign slowing down when I see the car in front of me. I turn on the radio to a JAZZ station. We get into some small dialogue about some JAZZ artists. He asks me who are my favorites, I tell him NINA SIMONE is pretty much the first person that comes to mind when I think JAZZ. He grins and proceeds to ask me what song in particular I chuckle for a second and I say, “Do I move you?”. He looks at me and says yes I do. I laugh and say no that’s the NAME of the song.

We finally get back to my place. We unpack the car and he follows me to my condo. I open the door and I let him go thru first. I flick the light switches on and he follows me to the spare bedroom. He drops his items on the bed and checks out the room. Done with a Chinese background as the rest of the condo. He compliments me on the decorum of the room and asks for a tour. I oblige him by starting off with the kitchen (lol) with the black and white ensemble going on. I then take his hand and lead him into the dining room table. He’s amazed at the style of the table, carved from black cherry wood and decorated with ancient Chinese symbols it is circular in shape and has 8 chairs total surrounding it. I told him it was imported from China and that legend has that the material used to make the table is suppose to bring good luck to the owner. He glances my way with a smile but says nothing.

I then take him into the living room where I have my Entertainment Center displayed. He notices the Extra Large Black Leather couch, the coffee table, and some Floor Pillows. Not to mention the Gamecube, XBOX, PS2 and my other 6 systems, which are arranged under my 50-inch, flat plasma T.V. I then take him to the Guest Bathroom, which is done mainly in a Dark Blue with a White marble floor, and porcelain tub. He then asks to see my room…I let him go thru first ……as he opens the door, the light come on slowly which is sensor activated whenever my door is closed. As he passes thru he notices my bed, a four-wall poster king size bed draped in black and silver cloth. My dresser and vanity stand are off to one side of the room. He then notices another door and looks back at me for permission to see. I nod my head and he walks to the other door…

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