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2way fantazzy chapter 3


He takes my hand again and kisses the inside of my palm, lingering for a few seconds as though trying to figure out what perfume I am wearing yet he says nothing. We FINALLY introduce ourselves to each other and make some small talk down the corridor. I ask him how his flight was and he says nothing special except for watching the movie they provided on the flight, don’t recall but I think he said it was “School Daze” or something like that. We make our way to Luggage Pickup area and wait at CAROSEL 2 for his luggage.

As we wait for his luggage, I notice a group of women are glancing our way. They keep darting their eyes at me and then back to my guest as if we were a puzzle that needed figuring out. They start to roll their eyes in my direction and start sending him heat glances that would promise something more IF he went with them. I gave them my famous glance which when translated would mean “I’m not the bitch to fuck with, do not test me”. As if on q, they walk past us without so much as a backward glance. Yet he was not lost on the exchange between me and the other women. He whispers in my ear….”I like a woman who knows what she wants and is very possessive about it.”

Finally his luggage comes around and we proceed to the parking lot. He takes my hand as we are waiting for the light to change and even though it’s a bit chilly in the air, I don’t feel anything cold when he touches me. We approach my car and we get settled inside. Being the perfect lady that I am, I ask him if he is hungry or would like something to eat. At first he doesn’t respond, he just looks outside of the front window as if I didn’t say anything. I ask him again and he gets that sexy grin again. He says he's hungry but not for food………unless I’m on the menu.

to be continued

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