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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 2


As I wait patiently I notice family members being reunited, the pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendants coming thru being greeted by other coworkers. I’m unaware of how much of a death grip I have on the stem of the black rose. Yet unfortunately the thorns on the side remind me as they prick my thumb, a drop of blood runs down and as I bring it to my mouth to lick it off, someone’s hand stops me. I slowly look up into the most chocolate brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t say anything to me yet we still have eye contact going on. He brings my thumb to his mouth and slowly sucks on it and I feel this warm feeling starting to build up inside of me. Everything around me ceases to exist as I am only focusing on this person in front of me.

His mouth finally releases its hold on my thumb and he caresses my hand. Still he says nothing and neither do I. Finally the PA comes on” BAGGAGE FOR FLIGHT 917 WILL BE UNLOADING AT CAROUSEL 2”. I step back away from him and finally have my first eye full of the man I’ve been fantasying about for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG…all 6’0, 230lbs. of him. He is dressed in a Blue and Grey Sean John Timeless Fleece Hoody and Pant set with Grey Timberlands boots w/ white trim to match. I must say the brother does fill it out QUITE nicely. I then go back to the face…that face…that face…that face…he has a very sexy trimmed goatee that sets off his eyes. Unfortunately I can’t see his hair because he has a blue skullcap pulled down low across his forehead.

I can also tell by his glances that he is taking me in as well…. all 5’5 of me from my hair to the color of my boots. A slow smile begins to creep up on his lips and then I see him smile for the first time and he has ALL HIS TEETH thank you Jesus;) I slowly smile back at him and extend my hand with the rose to give to him. He takes it and brings it to his nose. He closes his eyes for a couple of seconds and then opens them. He stares at me again but it’s as though he’s leaving an imprint burned in my mind. I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, have I invited the Devil to come out and play, and if so what would be the price for his pleasure?

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