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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 15


On the car ride back to my place we are listening to the Quiet Storm Mix on KMJM Majic 105, one of the popular R&B FM stations in St. Louis. As the rain is beating down on the car from above, I start to shiver from my wet clothes as they cling to me like a second skin. After rubbing my arms for a couple seconds I move to turn on the heat. He stops me for min and says he doesn’t want it on. I look at him as though he has lost his DAMN mind. He says he likes how my nipples stand out hard against the fabric of my top. Taking his right hand he starts to massage my left thigh slowly in a lazy fashion. I lean my head back on my seat enjoying my masseuse. Lifting the wet fabric of my skirt he moves farther up my thighs. I accommodate him by spreading my legs farther apart and lowering my seat back. Taking his middle finger he gently rubs up and down on my (fill in the blank lol). My hands move over his right arm to encourage his motions. I feel myself starting to become slick and warm, I let out a low moan. He glances at me pleased by my reaction. His middle finger slowly advances forward and I feel him penetrating me. He makes sure I’m okay for he notices that I’m extremely tight. He asks if I’m okay, I can only nod my head. His finger starts to make small circles, that alternate along with his finger curling upwards in a “come here” motion. My body starts to twitch and shake as his finger starts to pick up momentum till the point I squeeze my legs together with his hand trapped in between my thighs and his finger still inside of me. I let out a high pitch squeal as my body is rewarded with a second orgasm.

He slowly extracts his slick finger from my portal, and brings his middle finger to his mouth. He licks on it slowly as I watch him in shock. Becoming bold myself I slowly put my hand on his right pant leg. I start moving my hand over his hard phallus. Taking my index fingers I slowly trace the outline of it and feel it pulse beneath his clothing. I ask him, “how strong is your concentration?” glancing over at him he replies, “ enough to take whatever you dish out.” Satisfied with his answer I proceed to unzip his pants. I put my hand thru the opening and grasp him in a possessive hold. He inhales sharply as the moisture on my hand comes into contact with his warm skin. I pull his cock out thru the opening of his pants and start to massage it in my hand. He puts his right arm around me and kneads my back.

I bend over on to his lap, and quickly flick my tongue across the crest of his arousal. I can sense his hips squirming around the drivers seat. I playfully suggest, “maybe I should stop until we get back to my place,” he quickly shakes his heads and says, “I’ll be alright I can handle it, that is unless u are getting uncomfortable.” In reply to his challenge, I casually hold his cock to the side and lick him from base to tip. Then I follow it by making “crazy 8’s” with my tongue back down to the base. I feel the car swerve for a minute, but he quickly says, “sorry.” I grin to myself and proceed to massage him some more. I bring myself back up and lick the outer rim of his ear, while at the same time I readjust him so his phallus is caged back inside his pants. He looks at me with mild disbelief and wants to know what’s up. I tell him, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you are standing at attention all night.” Then giving him a kiss on the cheek, I settle myself back into my seat. As we cruise the highway to our destination, he takes my hand and entwines my fingers with his as we listen to the radio play, keith sweat “make it last forever”.

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