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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 14


I proceed to the parking lot leaving him at the front doors pondering my last comment. As I make it to the car I’m turned around from behind and pushed up against the car trunk. He presses his body intimately to me; he says nothing just looks at me. He slowly lowers his face to mine and kisses me softly. His tongue comes to the entrance of my mouth and slowly traces the inside rim. He leaves a trace of wet kisses down my neck, as he pulls my hair, my head arches back to meet the rain as it fills my mouth. I can feel his hands on my hips, slowly roaming over to my behind as he squeezes one cheek, then the other, then both. I bring my head back down and kiss him fully as the rain from my mouth enters his.

He pulls my halter up and exposes my breasts. He palms one in each hand and massages my nipples. I can feel them getting hard even as the rain is pounding down around and on us. He takes one in his mouth and sucks on it as his tongue makes circles and darts up and down on it. The heat from his mouth and his hands starts making me dizzy from so much pleasure. He senses this and sits me on the trunk of my car. He slowly pushes me backward so I lay exposed and he is in between my legs. He leans over me and pulls my hips into contact with his. Grinding into me, he brings my pleasure to peak yet he doesn’t allow me to come down or go over. I arch my back thrusting my breast upwards as his mouth comes down to greet them. I grab his wrists as my head rolls from side to side, my body still writhing with pleasurable agony. He suddenly stops worshiping my areolas. He starts kissing downward, down my belly, licks my navel, and darts his tongue along my waist.

I feel his hands go up my skirt. I look at him thru wet lashes and wait for his next move. His fingers are skimming up slowly ever so slowly until they reach their destination, my thong. Pulling them down slowly I feel a wisp of cool air and water coming into contact with my overly sensitive hairless mound. He pulls my panties off and grins. He feels them for a second and comments, “Victoria Secrets Black Silk”, and then proceeds to deposit them in the back pocket of his pants. Taking both his index fingers, he slowly touches me mixing his fingers with the water that has settled over my crouch. I feel his body shifting yet I don’t know what is going to happen next. All of a sudden I feel warm air hovering over my vagina. I let out a small cry as my body starts to shake, I feel him part my folds and blow ever so gently inside. He flicks his tongue over the tip of my clitoris and I come undone right there on the trunk of my car.

He places feathering kisses on my mons pubis and pulls my skirt done minus the panties. At this point we are both soaked and drenched, yet for myself not because of the water. He pulls down my halter-top and sits me upright. Smoothing the wet tendrils of hair away, he cups my face and kisses the breath out of me. Behind him I see some headlights go on and hear the honks from the car along with some hoots and hollers from the occupants inside (all males go figure). Apparently we had put on one hell of a show. That was our cue to take things back to my place. He shields me from their eyes and takes the car keys, placing me in the passenger seat. Coming around quickly he is in the car via the driver door and flicks the ignition on. He looks at me with a wicked lust in his eyes and proceeds to put the car in motion, back to my place. Where the only spectators for tonight’s show will be just the three of us. Yes, you heard me right, the THREE of us, my guest, myself, and R.Kelly’s Chocolate Factory CD. Lol

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