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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 13

Pt. 13

We eat our food savoring our meal to the fullest. My guest asks me if I would like to try some of his lobster. I hesitate for a minute for I’ve never had lobster before. HE Says, “you’ll like it, it melts in your mouth” and gives me that sexy grin that I never seem to get enough of. I nod my head in compliance. I watch his fork as he takes a piece of his lobster and dips it into the warm butter next to his plate. I try to use my fork to pull the lobster meat off of his fork, but he pulls his fork back and commands me, “open your mouth, I’ll feed you”. I start to blush a little and glance around the restaurant to see if anyone is observing us. He brings my attention back by rubbing one of his legs against mine. I slowly turn back and he still has his fork poised ready to give me my meat, I open my mouth and he slowly brings the lobster to the entrance. Without breaking eye contact, He stops, instead of putting the meat in my mouth; he traces it with the lobster, which is still soaked with the warm butter. When he is done with his erotic tracing, he finally puts the meat in my mouth. I devour it and close my eyes.

Savoring the taste of his sweet meat I slowly lick my lips and then open my eyes. He asks me if I liked it, I slowly smile back at him at tell him, “That was heavenly, I wonder if desert will taste as good.” He stills me with his gaze and answers, “Depends on how bad you want it”. I slowly begin to develop a heat in between my legs, to the point I have to cross them to control the burning sensation that develops and slowly expands upward towards my chest and my face. We both don’t say anything for a couple of minutes. We just take in each other and wander what will happen next. As our waiter comes back to track our progress, our trance is broken. He asks us if we would like refills on our drinks, desert to finish off our meal, and bags to take home any leftovers. I look at my guest and wander if he can sense my thoughts. He looks at me, nods his head, and glances at the waiter, he says, “Bag the leftovers and Check PLEASE!”

Making our way out of Red Lobster we come to the front doors. Outside we notice the drizzling rain from before has increased into a steady downpour. Being the gentleman he is, he offers to bring the car up to the front doors so I won’t get wet. I contemplate the situation for a minute. I don’t want to mess up my outfit yet at the same time I’ve always loved the rain. I told him we could make a dash for it. I take him off guard for he is sure that I wouldn’t want to ruin my outfit. I look him in the eyes and tell him, “I’m going to be soaking wet anyway by the time this night is over, might as well be sooner than later.”

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