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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 11

Pt. 11

We make our way to the front of the doors of the newly remodeled Red Lobster, always the gentlemen he opens the outer door for me and to his surprise I open the second set of doors for him. He smiles that oh-so-perfect smile at me and takes my hand as we walk up to the over-friendly young lady to give our names for the waiting list. We take a bench and wait for my first name to be called. “JASMINE, party of 2…JASMINE, party of 2�. “That’s our cue,� he says and we follow our waiter to a booth in the corner. I kept looking around noticing the new changes but the main thing that caught my eye were the tables. Long navy heavy cotton cloths now draped over the tables, as to give the restaurant a more sophisticated look. I didn’t give a damn as long as they didn’t fuck up my crab legs, I was OKAY;)

After we were seated and the waiter took our order for drinks, my mystery guest commented on our seats and brought my attention to how the cloth conceals pretty much everything from waist-to-below. Oh and NOT to mention how the area was low-lit creating a private little theater. The kind where you DON’T know what’s going on behind the curtain…. The waiter intrudes our thoughts as he places our drinks on the table, a basket of their famous bread, and waits for our orders. I of course order Crab Legs and my date orders Crab Legs for side but his main dish is Lobster. How did I know? Lolol

After the waiter leaves us, I decide to play a little cat and mouse game with my guest. I casually brush my leg against his while I pretend to glance at the dessert menu. After a few more “innocent� touches of my leg he grabs it and brings it to his crotch. He pulls up his side of the table cover and brings one of my strapy sandal cover feet into his view. He glances down then slowly brings his eyes to mine as to hide a secret. He starts to trail a line from my ankle to Big toe then across to my pinky. He admires the Burgundy Blood nail polish on my toes, he tells me it’s a turn-on he finds very hard to resist. He then trails a path from my ankle to my knee. He feathers his fingers lightly across the surface creating a tickling sensation that I struggle to control as to not let HIM know that he has found one of my weak spots.

As to give him something else to focus on, I slowly and strategically move my foot in between his legs. He glances down and then looks at me with a questioning look on his face. I slowly turn my smile up a notch, giving him the signal “I’m about to be naughty�. He nods his head and slowly undoes the main strap to my shoe and takes it off, putting it next to him on his side of the booth. He then makes sure to conceal our actions by replacing the table cover back over his waist as well as my foot. I gently start to massage his left thigh, putting light pressure around the area and then repeat the procedure on his right thigh. I then angle my foot to the center area of interest. I take my toes and gently grind them into his groin. I hear him softly moan as he continues to rub up and down my leg. I then make a motion (up and down) signaling to him to pull down his zipper on his pants. He gladly obliges as he guides my toes into his pants, towards the warmth of crotch only blocked by the barrier of his boxers.

He starts to breath a little heavier as he continues to keep eye contact with me as well as close his eyes as to make sure he’s not dreaming. I apply minimum pressure to assure him he is not. We are so enraptured within ourselves that we barely are able to contain our sexual innuendo when the waiter comes back with his salad and my applesauce. I continue for 5 more minutes and then abruptly stop taking my leg away from his crotch and back on the floor. He looks at me, Why did you stop? I close my eyes and shake my head before I respond, I want You have to room for the main course

to be continued.....

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