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2way FANTAZZY- Chapter 10

Pt. 10After he makes himself presentable to leave the club, we head on out to Red Lobster. I drive because he’s a bit on the SENSATIVE side. He was still trying to readjust himself so he could be more comfortable. As we pull into the Red Lobster’s parking lot I check my date one more time to make sure he’s ready for our next outing. He gives me a tight nod and I respond with a little smirk of my own. We get out and meet by the hood of my car. Suddenly without any warning he grabs me by my ass and lays me down across the hood. Recovering quickly from the surprise I see him towering over me. I notice my position might seem a bit compromising to someone else but it looked like my guest was going to take full advantage of the situation.

He pulls me lower on the hood to the point my legs are slightly hanging off of the front of my car. I get up on my elbows and stare into his eyes. He presses me back down, and brings my legs up and around his waist. He takes his arms and snakes them around my back bringing me in closer contact with his groin. I can feel the heat in my lower region slowly rising and tingling. He kisses me tenderly on the lips moving to my eyes, nose, and ears then further down to my neck. He moves to my right breast and breaths lightly on it alternating between cool intakes and hot exhales. While he is doing this I’m looking up into the sky. The sky is dark and twinkling yet being orchestrated by the stars the moon conducts them in a slow sensual song, the wind is picking up speed and I can feel my hair dancing around my head. My skin is slowly rising with Goosebumps as I can feel his hands going up my halter-top. I start to moan softly; closing my eyes I bury my hands into his low cut soft hair.

He pushes my halter up and slowly feathers kisses up my belly. Going higher to other uncharted territories he brings my halter above my breasts. He stops for a minute and I open my eyes. Staring at my breasts he seems hypnotized as he takes one in each hand. He starts to massages them while looking into my eyes. He bends over and takes my left nipple in his mouth. He starts to suck gently as well as lather around the area with his tongue. Repeating the sweet torture to my right nipple I tighten my legs around his waist. Grinding his hips into mine, he palms my ass greedily as he sucks on my nipples…slow then fast…hard then soft…lightly then heavy…circles then strokes. I’m at heaven’s gates and steady searching for the DAMN key.

We keep up this marathon, grinding on my car hood for another 20 minutes. Then he starts to work himself down between my thighs raising my skirt, nibbling on them, pinching, licking, and biting ever so gently. Then for some reason…HE STOPS. He unwinds my legs from atop his shoulders and slowly towers over me. He kisses me roughly and then whispers in my mouth… Payback is a BITCH!!! He pulls down my halter-top and skirt, gently pulls me off the car hood smacks me playfully on my ass and gives me a quick smooch on the cheek. He grins at me as I give him a heated stare; oh it’s going to be ON!!!! Walking ahead of me, he looks back since I have yet to move from my stance. He holds out his hand and I walk towards him and grab hold. Wrapping his arm around my waist he nibbles on my ear lightly saying, that’s what you get for being such a tease. I grab his ass and whisper back to him, you ain’t seen shit yet….

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