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Miss You

They say time heals all wounds,
I wonder what clock they are using.
The wound on my heart is worse than any bruise or cut that I have ever felt.
I don't want time to heal me,
I want time to turn back to the last time I saw you.

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The Nature of Me

Back during my freshman year of college, I had a Communication Arts class and I was asked to write about myself. Every now and then I will re-read my work and look over what I've written to see how things have changed, if they have, from then till now.

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My Paradise

Waking up out of my slumber,
I stretch my limbs to shake out the numbness.
I reach my arms out wide as though I'm ready to relinquish my cross
I point my toes straight as a ballerina getting ready to en pointe.

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The perfect evening

The perfect evening would be out on a patio while a full moon is in effect. A slight breeze whispering through the air while it tickles your hair. Listening to a vintage jazz record, some Miles Davis would be heavenly. Love the sound the needle makes as it is hitting that vinyl right before the first song plays. Along with a glass of Marco Negri chilled, enjoying the condensation as it rolls of off my wine stem....yep a toast to a perfect night. Yet of course the only thing that would make that even better, would be near the ocean to hear the waves crash as they meet and greet only to part again so soon. ‪#‎POETRY‬ ‪#‎LIFE‬ ‪#‎PEACE‬
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My soul is tired and weary.
My headaches lead me in circles.
Mediation makes me too tired.
Yet I still am trying to get to that fruitful abyss that you call sanctuary, that you call peace.

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